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Just The Right Time

Children's sermon
The Giant Book Of Children's Sermons
Matthew To Revelation
Object: some ears of corn

Good morning, boys and girls. How many of you have a garden? (let them answer) Do any of you grow corn in your garden? (let them answer) The farmers tell me that corn should be as high as a farmer's knee by the Fourth of July. I like to watch corn grow. You start by planting just one little seed. Then pretty soon you will see something that looks like lots of grass growing in a field, but before too long the grass grows tall and soon you have big leaves. Finally we will see the ears growing on the stalk.

Have you ever looked closely at an ear of corn? (let them answer) Can you believe that all of those kernels of corn grew from just one little seed? It's true. But we have to be careful to pick the corn at just the right time. If you pick it too soon, the corn is hard and you can't eat it. If you wait too long, the corn is chewy and doesn't taste good at all. You have to pick the corn at just the right time.

God chooses just the right time also. God has a plan for all of the people in this world, and he has chosen a time that none of us knows to start a brand-new world. God is like a good farmer. He knows just the right time to start his new world, just like a good farmer knows when to pick his corn. Some people think that God has waited too long. Some people wish that God would wait forever, but God knows the right time to begin his new world, and he wants you to be a part of it.

You and I should not worry about when God will start his brand-new world with us. We don't worry about the farmer picking his corn because we know that he will choose the time that is best. If we don't worry about the farmer, we should certainly not worry about God because God knows the exact time that he wants to begin his new world.

The next time you see an ear of corn or you eat it some night for dinner, thank the farmer for knowing just the right time to pick it. While you are thanking the farmer, give thanks to God for his knowing when the right time will be to start his new world.
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Note: The instructions will explain who you are to be speaking too. Most of all, have fun with this!

Let’s have some fun this time and do some acting. And I think it is really going to take some good acting because I know that none of you ever behave like one of the children in this story behaves. This is a story Jesus told about a man and his two sons, so let’s begin by finding our actors for those roles. Don’t worry, I’ll help you know what to say and do.

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